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Yoga Teacher Mentoring is a unique programme for qualified yoga teachers who are actively teaching yoga. Mentoring provides support, further training and connection to a community as you begin and refine your yoga career. Mentoring can help you increase confidence, find direction and develop your business as a yoga teacher. This 6 month programme can contribute towards 500 hour Teacher Training qualification.

Topics covered:

  • Anatomy and the anatomy of movement in yoga asana and pranayama
  • Use of language and vocal skills for teachers
  • Adjusting and sequencing asana
  • Advanced asana practice and teaching skills
  • Your unique voice as a teacher

Yoga Teaching Skills, Business Development, Personal Growth

The mentorship programme consists of threads of study woven together. Two days per month.

Yoga Studies Practice of basic to advanced asana to experience and understand what postures do physically and energetically in the mind / body network. Developing your own physical practice. This course is a small group course to ensure that every student receives careful individualised teaching.
Anatomy of Movement Functional and practical anatomy in movement to deepen awareness within physical practice.
Yoga Teaching Emphasis on the skills required for effective teaching. You will learn to create a physically and spiritually nurturing environment in a yoga class. In this programme define, refine and expand your creativity and confidence in your unique presence as a yoga teacher.
The Business of Teaching Covering all aspects of the profession of being a yoga teacher, from writing biogs to making websites. By understanding your unique strengths as a teacher, discover how to grow and build your business.


The yoga teacher mentoring program includes:

  • 12 day-long workshop sessions over 6 months
  • Preliminary private 1 hour consultation to discuss goals, challenges, and career development strategies
  • Final private consultation to discuss progress and further steps
  • Opportunities for reflection, discussion and peer review
  • Teaching feedback, critique, and trouble shooting
  • Marketing, Website and Biography work
  • Individual research opportunities
  • A community of peers

Email: with any questions, pricing and to book.



May 15: Advanced asana practice May 16: Teaching Inversions and advanced asana
 June 12: Deep back bends June 13: Building blocks, modifications and adjusting
 July 10: Bandha, core work and pranayama  July 11: Teaching a deepened physical experience
 August 21: Teaching private clients and private client business  August 22: Injury rehabilitation and prevention
 Sep 18: Personal yoga Research Project  Sep 19: Your unique offering as a teacher
 Oct 16: Deep listening and observing  Oct 17: Your career development