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Grace & Presence Yoga Teacher Training is Led by
Mollie McClelland Morris

Mollie Morris (MA, ERYT-500, SYT) has focused her life on the interconnection of physicality, creativity and spirituality, through dance, writing, yoga and meditation. Having taught yoga since 2001, she brings a deep level of awareness to the interconnection of body, mind and energy.  She is a well respected teacher in North and West London, as well as internationally, and brings her specific knowledge and experience into this unique teacher training programme.

Mollie started a yoga practice at age 17 while apprentice with the Milwaukee Ballet Company.  After becoming injured dancing, she studied religious and cultural studies in university, especially focusing on Yoga and Japanese Buddhism.  Her love of movement and expression of the body led her to dance with Xpressions Contemporary Dance Company, in Pittsburgh PA, and to choreograph both for the company and as a solo artist.  She has taught yoga at yoga studios, community centres, education environments, to people ranging from professional dancers to children to adults with physical and learning disabilities.

Mollie holds advanced yoga teaching certification from Forrest Yoga Circle after studies of Ashtanga Yoga with Patthabi Jois in Mysore.  She is additionally qualified in Kundalini yoga from School of Kundalini Yoga. She has a BA in Choreography and Cultural Studies, focusing on the intersection of physical practice and religion from Hampshire College, in Amherst, MA USA, and an MA in Performance Practices and Research from Central School of Speech and Drama, in London, UK.  She also practices energetic healing through Reiki and Theta which contribute to the healing power of her work.


lucy crisfield sadhaka yoga centre london yoga teacher training teacher

Lucy Crisfield
Sanskrt, Yoga Sutras and Vedic Chanting

Lucy skilfully creates a space where people can feel the resonance of the yogic philosophical texts through the sanskrt language in sanskrt, yoga philosophy and vedic chant seminars around the country. The power of sound has always been a present force in Lucy’s life, obtaining a scholarship to the Royal College of Music on the piano and violin at the age of 10.

After leaving the world of classical music, Lucy spent 7 years travelling the globe in pursuit of yoga. However the connection with sound was never far away, as she found her experience with yoga open her to a new world of sound; to the expression of the sacred through sound.

The sacred in sound has spoken to Lucy in many forms; the call to prayer drew her to mosques throughout the  Middle East, inspiring her to study Arabic in Damascus and the art of Quran recitation in East London and Yemen. Jerusalem inspired her to study Hebrew at SOAS. However the language of Lucy’s deepest journey is sanskrt. Her love of the yoga sutras and the chants of the Veda, both composed in the language of sanskrt have led her on a path of discovery with this language.

“Inquisitive, resourceful, generous and accommodating, Lucy’s genius in the realm or sound is shared with an unassuming wit, humor and kindness of character. My recommendation of Lucy is sincere, and comes with the request of those who are as sincere, to entertain an opportunity of exploring the richness of the Self through the guidance of dear Lucy’s stellar mastery”.  – Jennifer Gillis, Vancouver


kimba sadhaka yoga teacher training london

Kimba Bridgeman
Experiential Anatomy for Yoga

“The human body is Nature itself…and thus it carries an infinite wisdom within its geometry, function and movement.  Whether you are practicing yoga, meditation or personal development, deepening the connection with your true design will enhance your spiritual path.”

Kimba is a dancer, yogini, movement teacher, bodyworker and facilitator for self-healing with a refined sensitivity and awareness and beautiful way as a teacher. She has been helping people connect more deeply with their bodies through movement, fitness and bodywork for the last 13 years. Her fascination with movement began in childhood through dance and performance. Drawn to the beauty and intensity of classical technique, she trained as a professional ballet dancer in NYC at the School of American Ballet. Dance was her introduction and inspiration for the subsequent intensive studies in Pilates, Aston-Patterning, Franklin Method, Anthropology, Massage and BodyTalk.

Her work in a variety of body work disciplines and kundalini yoga creates a unique perspective on movement, alignment, and the connection of the body to the spirit in practice. Kimba asks questions like:

“What is the experience of being in the pelvis, moving with its design? How does our imagery directly communicate with our anatomy? What is the language of our body? How is health an innate part of our body and how can we align with that?”

In private and group sessions, her focus is on increasing the awareness of the body, mind and spirit as a way toward discovering new possibilities for strength and ease. She inspires her clients to become curious about their bodies and to discover their own choices for support that come from within.


She is a co-author with Judith Aston and Kimberly Ross in their first of a series of Aston-Patterning books, Moving Beyond Posture.

Naomi Absalom sadhaka yoga centre london teacher

Naomi Absalom
Yoga Teaching and Adjustments

Muma to the beautiful boy Gabriel, Naomi has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and teaching worldwide for the past 8. The roots of her teaching are expressed through the creativity of her own personal style; an authentic reverence for the sacred teachings of yoga and a raw desire to shake it all down when things get too serious!

“When I teach I try to become as open as possible to whoever and whatever is in the room at the time. My aim is always to create a safe and nurturing group energy and community where each individual feels supported, loved, valued and part of something much greater than themselves.  I’m constantly trying to find ways of helping people heal through yoga and I spend a great deal of time communicating any transformational process I may have experienced to those who attend my classes.

I’m really not interested in presenting myself as someone who lives in a bubble and doesn’t have any problems, it’s much easier for me to be honest and raw.

Yoga then becomes a potent celebration of the flow of life – a creative, often challenging yet graceful dance where laughter, joy, love, humility and gratitude are all key elements. The practice evolves as this incredibly magical force from where you can source great inspiration, strength and clarity….and if all else fails we just jump up and shake it down for a bit… that usually shifts it!”

Hermione sadhaka yoga teacher training london

Hermione Armitage Inclusive Teaching Practice

My yoga journey possibly began when, as a child, I watched my mum (in amazing bright blue leggings) saluting the sun. I have now been exploring yoga asana and philosophy for nearly 15 years. Although now a way of life, I will always view myself as life long student helping others, rather than a ‘teacher’. I currently work as a 1:1 yoga therapist for those with special needs as well as guide classes for children, teens, and adults. It is important to me that yoga is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

I completed an adult teacher training with Yoga Campus London in 2011 and have trained with Jo Manuel at the Special Yoga Centre London in Teaching Yoga to Children and Yoga Therapy for Children with Special Needs. I studied with Mollie McClelland Morris in 2012, in her teacher mentor programme and continue to do so through her teacher development workshops.

As well as a love for asana, my path towards Yoga also strongly involves philosophy, meditation and self study. I completed an Honours Degree in Religious Studies at Victoria University Wellington (2003) and was initiated in to the Himalayan Yoga Tradition (meditation and philosophy) in 2012. I am a trained massage therapist (London College of Massage) and am currently studying with Mudita Thai Yoga Massage school.

I love using, moving & being in the body. I am less interested in fitting people into poses and more concerned with helping people fit into their own bodies, as they are, right now.