Women’s Yoga and Health Urban Retreat

Women’s Yoga and Health Urban Retreat

May, 2014

Women’s Yoga and Health Urban Retreat

Saturday 10 May / Sunday 11 May 2014

£30 for each workshop (or £100 for the whole weekend)

Saturday 10-1 Women’s Health Essentials with Maisie Hill

A morning focusing on women’s health essentials where we’ll give you the low-down on some basic biology and get into the juicy business of how women change as we move through the different phases of our cycle. We will touch on fertility but the focus of the workshop is on the cycle in our everyday lives.

This is for you, if:
:: You’d like practical tools which allow you to create a life which is in tune with your body’s rhythms.
:: You want to connect to your heart and womb so that you can hear and develop your own wisdom.
:: You want to reframe how you view your reproductive system and womanhood in general (maybe you have menstrual symptoms / fertility issues / have experienced trauma, or have trouble loving this part of you).

Saturday 2:30-5:30 Flowing with Your Cycles with Mollie Morris and Maisie Hill

Many traditional yoga forms were designed for men, with linear, movements and a focus on repetition and regularity and sometimes a military discipline. In some yoga traditions, we are taught to make our body fit the practice, or to skip the practice altogether. As women, our bodies have different rhythms and needs at different moments in our cycles.

Using seasonal traits to effectively manage our energy levels, we can also practice and embody different qualities based on our cyclic rhythms. This supports our bodies’ transitions through our cycles and stages of life. Expect to move and feel, but also to leave with inspirations for aligning your practice to your body (and not the other way around).

Sunday 10-1 Sister Yoga Circle with Hari Pyari 

All sisters are invited to come and join in this gathering of women.In our circle we will experience gentle yoga asana (stretches) and mudra (hand gestures) that honour the natural rhythms and cycles of a woman’s life. We will immerse in Yoga Nidra – profound relaxation in a lying down meditation that is the fertile soil for the flowers of our inner wisdom to blossom. We will also share in the practice of Kirtan: singing mantra – healing sound formulas, from the heart, the seat of love within. Let’s commune with the inner Goddess and embrace our Shakti – feminine power.  Maha Shakti Ki JAY!

Sunday 2:30 – 5:30 Belly Dance with Alessia Avellino

In this workshop we will explore several Belly Dance movements to ground, energise, empower and release anything that does not serve us, connecting with the earth and our hearts and understanding how the movements work energetically to clear the energy centres of the body, also known as chakras. Connect with yourself, your femininity, other women, the earth, and celebrate being In-Joy-in-yourself.
Suitable for all levels, bring a coin belt or a scarf to tie around your hips to emphasize hip movements, wear comfortable clothes you can move in.