Weekend for Women – Health and Yoga

Weekend for Women – Health and Yoga

May, 2014

As students (and teachers!) of yoga, our relationship to yoga changes at different moments in our lives. Sometimes, yoga is a tool for physical development, fitness, strength and flexibility. At other times, yoga is a like a home we can come to to connect to ourselves. We can use yoga to bring us relaxation, or to bring us energy. Usually all of these different relationships are about coming into great awareness, health and skilful living within ourselves.

This weekend we are offering a weekend for women, (men, we promise a weekend for you too… stay tuned) to explore health, awareness and connection to femininity, and connection of our yoga practices to our life and menstrual cycles. You can treat the weekend like an Urban retreat (we will have lovely food at the cafe) or sign up for workshops individually!

Our intention at Sādhaka is to support you through your practice, throughout all the changes you might go through in your life. We believe and have experienced some of the healing potential of yoga and mindfulness, as well as the wisdom in healing lineages throughout the ages.

Women’s Health Essentials with Maisie Hill
10 am – 1 pm

Get into the juicy business of how women change as we move through the different phases of our cycle. BOOK HERE

Flowing with your Cycles with Mollie Morris & Maisie Hill 2:30 pm – 5:30
Support the transitions through your cycles and stages of life. Expect to move and feel, and leave with inspirations for aligning your practice to your body (and not the other way around). BOOK HERE

Sister Yoga Circle with Hari Pyari 10 am – 1 pm

Experience gentle yoga asana (stretches) and mudra (hand gestures) that honour the natural rhythms and cycles of a woman’s life. BOOK HERE

Belly Dance with Alessia Avellino 2:30 pm – 5:30
Explore Belly Dance movements to ground, energise, empower and release what does not serve. Connect with the earth and our hearts and understanding how the movements work energetically. BOOK HERE
To book for the whole weekend, at a discounted price, please call reception, 0207 267 6188.