Mollie Morris sadhaka yoga centre teacher london


Mollie is the co-director and owner of Sadhaka Yoga and creator of Grace and Presence Yoga Teacher Training and Mentoring Courses. She has over 12 years of experience teaching, mentoring and encouraging people to live healthy, happy, mindful lives. Inspired by the wisdom of the ancient sciences of yoga and Ayurveda as well as the abundance of possibilities in the modern world, Mollie will help  take your practice to a new level of depth, strength and awareness. Her signature style unites the beauty and wisdom of the yogic teachings with self-inquiry, physical challenge, mindfulness and fun.

Alessia Avellino sadhaka yoga teacher


Alessia is a Jivamukti Certified Yoga Teacher. Her weekly Jivamukti class at Sadhaka is dynamic, focusing on alignment and flowing sequences. Expect a challenging asana practice, music, meditation, chanting in Sanskrit, and a yoga practice aimed at developing a compassionate attitude towards all beings including ourselves and our planet. Alessia is also a qualified Reiki Master. She is committed to teaching and empowering anyone who is on their journey to seek themselves and their joy whether through art, yoga, esoterics or dance.

Luiz Veiga sadhaka yoga teacher


Luiz believes in a practice which takes us back to the basics of yoga: simplicity and attention to detail. Spending three and a half years in Mysore studying with Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois was a pivotal experience in the development of Luiz’s personal practice. He was touched by the practice of Ashtanga in such a way that it became a part of his being and shaped the way he sees life.

Head shot_Gaby public


Yogis love Gaby’s classes because they are fun, peaceful and challenging.  Gaby uses traditional techniques to empower students in their practice.  We have all sorts of tools available including postures, breathing, visualisation, philosophy and sound. Each class is different because everyone is unique. We each bring our own constitution, experience and potential to class. So when it comes to yoga, there is no one-size-fits-all. Gaby takes this respect for diversity and inclusion to her classes, adapting them to the people present. 

Rahoul Masrani sadhaka yoga teacher


Rahoul’s immersion in yoga began after experiencing the immense physical benefits which aided his recovery from recurring back problems. He soon found that the effects of yoga went beyond the physical, inspiring him to cultivate mindfulness and compassion on and off the mat. Rahoul encourages incorporating all eight limbs of Patanjali’s yoga system into our daily practice. His classes feature creative sequences, eclectic playlists, which nurture the spirit of self-discovery and encourage lightness in the practice. Rahoul trained with YogaLondon, where he now mentors and lectures.

Sukhpal Kaur sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


Sukhpal’s Kundalini classes are inspiring, practical, joyful, healing and connected. Since qualifying as a teacher with Karam Kriya in 2004, she has been teaching kundalini. Her clients include major health clubs, corporates, high profile individuals and a leading yoga studio.  Interested in spirituality from an early age, she draws from ayurveda, healing (is a reiki master), sound resonance (conducts gong meditations), numerology and astrology.  Sukhpal also works as a life coach, career coach and does hand analysis life readings.

Naomi Absalom sadhaka yoga london teacher


Naomi has been practicing yoga for over 17 years and teaching worldwide for the past 8. The roots of her teaching are expressed through the creativity of her own personal style; an authentic reverence for the sacred teachings of yoga and a raw desire to shake it all down when things get too serious! “My aim is to create a safe and nurturing group energy and community where each individual feels supported, loved, valued and part of something much greater than themselves.  I’m constantly finding ways of helping people heal through yoga and I communicate any transformational process I may have experienced to those who attend my classes.”

NATHALIE MUKUSHEVA sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


Nathalie started a yoga practice around 2000. She studied ballet and rhythmic gymnastics from early childhood and later other disciplines including Aerial Hoop, Floor-Barre® and Contortion training. Since completing the Dharma Yoga 200 Hour teacher certification Nathalie has been  to New York regularly to practice at the Dharma Centre and has also been certified in Zena Rommett New York Floor-Barre technique. Nathalie sees Yoga as an artful expression of life. “The more I study anatomy and the vehicle that is the human body the more I appreciate the perfect and complete system that yoga provides to release tension from the body and to discover our own truth.”

Dirish pic


Dirish Shaktidas is a flexaterian, immersed in the world of holistic healing. Dirish has been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years, and he teaches Vinyasa Flow, Yoga Open and is a specialist in Shakti Dance, the Yoga of Dance. Trained under Yoga Works in LA and mentored by Kia Miller and Jesse Schein. Dirish leads his life by honoring his intention to help others become more conscious within and outwardly aware. He is influenced by multiple yogic disciplines and teachers from past present and future.


sadhaka yoga centre london


Sivaroshan is driven by a passion for learning, he combined a traditional western education and career, with an exciting exploration of the esoteric for over 15 years.  As a Kundalini yoga teacher  he empowers his students to develop a practice they can take anywhere : the airport terminal, busy shopping mall, a doctor’s waiting room or even the 100m start line!  Sivaroshan is a level II KRI qualified Kundalini yoga teacher and accomplished Energy Healer.


sadhaka yoga centre london


Lara, a qualified aromatherapist, has extensive training in Hatha and Scaravelli Yoga, teaching for over ten years. Uniting the two disciplines, she created Yogaroma in 2004, taking students on a healing, transformative and nurturing journey. Her teaching allows students to explore individual areas of resistance and injury. With special attention on breath and alignment the body can  soften and heal from within, releasing deeply rooted emotional blockages, pain and tension. This allows the mind to become more peaceful, clear and focused and opens the heart to compassion.

Jessica Puglie Sadhaka yoga centre london


Having trained and practiced with many great yoga teachers around the world, since she left her dance career, Jessica has taught yoga since 2006.  She completed 200 and 500 hr Dharma Mittra teacher training in New York in 2008 and 2011. Jessica believes in the incredible power of the body, that awareness in the body brings peace and consciousness to the mind. We all have weaknesses and strengths, but beyond that we all posses an immense power and that is what we really are.  Through the yoga science and philosophy, breath, grace and intention we can learn how to be present every moment of our practice, so every moment of our lives.


lila cohen sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


Having experienced the life transforming benefits of Kundalini Yoga, Lila completed Teacher Training with International School of Kundalini Yoga (I-SKY) in 2010. She shares this ancient practice from a deeply intuitive place and welcomes students to dive into their being, into the silence and inner knowing and then move from that place. Lila is also one half of the Sacred Sound duo Illumina. They share powerful chanting events in and around London and the UK.

Kwali Kumara sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


Kwali Kumara Aka Hari Bhajan Kaur Trained with Shiv Charan Singh in London and graduated with Karam Kriya in 2007 as certified member of KYTA. Kwali is an uplifting and inspiring Kundalini Yoga and Gong Meditation teacher. Her classes are open to all levels and offer a safe and sacred space to a wide and varied range of students. Her confidence, energy and enthusiasm for the teachings of Yogi Bhajan make all feel instantly inspired, comfortable and relaxed. 


Angad Singh sadhaka yoge centre london teacher

Angad Singh is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer, Shiatsu practitioner, Karam Kriya Numerology Trainer & Spiritual Coach. After many years on the spiritual path he found the truth he had been seeking through his teacher Shiv Charan Singh and teachings of Yogi Bhajan. He now lives to serve others on their journey. Based in Brighton, Angad teaches across the UK and Europe. He is currently Chairman of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. Angad’s classes focus on opening the inner gateway to the beyond, using the full spectrum of Kundalini Yoga technology & gong.


sadhaka yoga london teacher Alistair Whitlock


Alistair is a KRI Level 2 certified Kundalini Yoga teacher with 10 years teaching experience and a continuous personal practice. He has trained extensively under both Karta Singh (Amritnam Sarovar) and Guru Kaur (Amritvela) and currently assists and teaches on the teacher training program. Alistair likes helping people to work through their emotional and physical blockages using strong physical yoga and pranayama practices. He is also a practising acupuncturist and a professional gong player.



kate mckenzie sadhaka yoga centre london teacher

Kate is passionate about creativity & well-being. She has been a yoga practitioner, performer and singer all her adult life.She trained in Kundalini & Sivananda yoga, and continues to learn from a variety of traditions, which she shares in a non-dogmatic style. She loves to explore the map of the chakras and encourage people to take their practice from the mat and into their everyday lives. Kate has performed world wide with a circus cabaret, lead “Mantra Choirs”, and trained in massage, Reiki, healing voice, Indian Rag & Life Coaching. She has released two CD’s of contemporary mantra music.






benJahmin sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


Having practiced Kundalini Yoga for over 8 years BenJahmin is an Associate Teacher Trainer with I-SKY (International School of Kundalini Yoga) UK. Certified to Level 1 in 2006, Level 2 in 2010 and now a qualified Kundalini Yoga Therapist under the guidance of Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa, he has also trained in the Yogic Art of Shakti Dance under the tutelage of Sara Avtar Olivier. With his love of the Sacred Sound Current (Shabd Guru), music and singing he brings a devotional and poignant energy to his sharing of the Sacred Sciences of Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance. His intuitive, compassionate and courageous approach to life aims to give the student, patient or listener an empowering, nurturing and inspirational Yogic healing experience.

Haripyari sadhaka yoga centre london teacher


HariPyari has fallen in love with the path of Bhakti Yoga (of which chanting is a key element), and organised the UK’s first ever Bhakti Music Festival (August 2011), which brought devotional musical practices from various traditions together as one , in the spirit of universal love and devotion. She leads Kirtan and Shakti Dance in London and around the UK. Her practice has been influenced by many teachers and traditions, and she is highly grateful for the people who have inspired and supported her. HariPyari feels incredibly blessed to have found this divine practice and be able to share it with others.

zoe hind sadhakya yoga centre london teacher

Zoe was introduced to Astrology by her mother at the age of 8 and has continued to learn and love this profound system ever since. It soon became a way of life. Embracing the cultural beliefs and practices of druid ancestors, and combining this knowledge with a healthy interest in other ancient cultures along with the latest scientific theories, she brings the past and the future together to make sense of the present. She organises events, runs workshops and writes articles for TV and magazines.

Carolyn cowan sadhaka yoga centre london teacherCAROLYN COWAN

Carolyn Cowan has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 1998 and is engaging and charismatic. Clean and sober since 1991 and specialising in the Addictive personality, her knowledge of the hormones and effects of postures makes each class a very grounded experience filled with tool for real life. She lectures and teaches internationally, works as a therapist in the fields of sex addiction and sex aversion so brings a wealth of vision and experience to her style.

clive fogelman sadhaka yoga centre restorative yoga

Clive has a creative and open-minded approach to yoga, influenced by his therapeutic work and sporting background. He helps people cultivate intuition within their bodies, mindful that all individuals are different and continually evolving. Classes emphasise linking breath and movement to direct attention inward and become more aware of each moment. Drawing on the parallels between yoga and life, the mat becomes a playground for exploration and transformation. Classes focus on developing core strength and flexibility, while providing a space to ground and release stress. Clive teaches dynamic, flow, restorative and yin yoga offering variations for all levels.