Speaking and Writing about the Inner Jouney

Speaking and Writing about the Inner Jouney

March, 2014

Do you find that when you speak about your yoga process, words don’t do justice? How do you explain the textures of sensation that you feel during your practice? Can you explain without clichés, articulate without becoming airy, and guide students truthfully? Do your words about your classes and workshops give students an accurate picture of what they will be doing? And do they reflect your values, belief and your truth?

This workshop is an opportunity to delve deeply into authentic communication. We will work both with the clarity of language, and the poetry. Truth and metaphor. Personal and Universal. We will try writing, speaking, teaching and sharing.

Yoga teacher Mentoring workshops provide an opportunity to talk, get feedback, share, practice, experiment, play, write, draw… etc. all to get us deeper into understanding.

Friday 7 March 10 – 5:30