Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga at Sadhaka

Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga at Sadhaka

February, 2014

Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga

Mysore Style Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic yoga practice designed to bring out the meditative qualities of yoga practice. In a room with other yogis, You will learn the Ashtanga sequence at your own pace, guided expertly by the teacher. Prepare to challenge body and mind, to grow and change you life.

What to expect?

Mysore classes are open from 6:30-9:30. You can come at any time to begin your practice. Students progress through the series at their own pace, so you can expect to see students already in their flow, and other students joining after you. With precision and years of experience, Luiz will train you in the series, giving you the next pose as and when the body is ready.This style of practicing stimulates the students to remember the series, to align breath and movement and to work with the meditative aspects of yoga.

Mysore Ashtanga begins with the traditional sun salutation series. It then progresses through standing and sitting poses, bakcbends and forward bends and finishes with inversions. This dynamic series will increase strength and flexibility through the combination of stretching and strengthening poses.

Taught by Luiz Veiga.

Luiz has practiced Ashtanga since 1999. Having spent three and a half years studying in Mysore he brings a depth of experience to his teaching. A powerful and dynamic teacher, Luiz teaches with a deep classical experience of the poses as well as an abundance of compassion for each student.

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