March Meditation: No One Way

March Meditation: No One Way

March, 2014

with Alexander Filmer-Lorch

These 4 sessions will flow like a 4-week course, you can commit to for the whole four weeks, or drop in for one or more.

Alex’s teaching is based on the premise that there is No One Way to meditate, find insight or enlightenment.

Here are some things Alex writes:

Universal knowledge, or higher knowledge is constantly surrounding us, and trying to reach us, irrespective of us being aware of it or not. What prevents us from seeing and acknowledging this precious knowledge is usually our old knowledge and some of our personal ‘I believes’.

‘For most people, meditation has never been a natural part of our modern culture, upbringing or conditioning, where the development of intellect, knowledge, formative thinking and academic understanding is encouraged and believed to be an essential requirement to succeed in life.’

Sunday March 9, 16, 23, 30

6-7 pm

£5 per session