Foundation courses and Workshops

Foundation courses and Workshops

May, 2014

It is our mission at Sādhaka to support you through the development of your yoga practice, from the beginning and as you advance, deepen and develop your practice.

We know a lot of you are dedicated yogis who come to the centre regularly for drop-in classes. We think drop-in classes are great. If you miss your class on Tuesday, you can find one on Wednesday. If you have a free afternoon, you can pop in. Or if you have a complicated timetable, you can do a class whenever it suits you.

We are trying a few different kinds of offerings, for people who prefer courses to drop-in classes, who like the commitment and the continuity of the group. And sometimes there are elements of yoga that can be taught more thoroughly with a few weeks of progression, or with a bit more time to digest.

In the next few months, Sādhaka will be offering some new Foundation Courses and Workshops to take you more deeply into elements of yoga practice. From these courses, you’ll get a deeper understanding and opportunity to develop one particular facet of yoga. Beginners are welcome, but foundation workshops are also very useful for people who have a bit of experience in yoga.

Upcoming Foundation 4-week Courses:
Strength with Hermione
from Tuesday 13th May
For a strong and integrated Vinyasa Yoga practice.
19.45 – 21.00

Prāṇāyāma with Gaby
from Sunday 25th May
Starting with fundamentals of breath work to then explore some of the most subtle and powerful techniques yoga has to offer.
15:00 – 16:30

Flexibility with Hermione
from Tuesday 13th May
For an easier and more fluid range of movement, and more comfort in daily life.
19.45 – 21.00
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Foundation Workshops:
Foundation Workshops help to integrate learning about anatomy, geometry and energetics of certain kinds of poses. You can expect a deep class, and to leave with a clear understanding of taking your poses to the next level safely.

Backbends with Mollie
Saturday 7 June 14:00 – 17:00
For more fluid spinal extension, deeper backbends and the exhilaration of these challenging postures.

Inversions with Mollie
Sunday 13 July 15:00 – 18:00
Go upside down! get more comfortable with the arms and shoulder for headstands, forearm balances and handstands!