Daytime Yoga Beginners Course London

Daytime Yoga Beginners Course London

April, 2014

Yoga Beginner’s Course with Michelle Stanley

Tuesdays 11:30 – 12:45

April 29 – 3 June 2014


This course is designed for those who have never done yoga before, or are coming back after a hiatus, and will equip you with the basics of yoga practice. After completing the course, you will understand the basics of yoga and feel more confident to go into other classes.

Useful for those with some yoga experience, who wish to go back to basics, for deeper understanding, or because of injury or illness.

Michelle will lead you through this course, in an individualised way that supports your deepening awareness of the connection between mind and body and honours the traditions of yoga practice. Her special insights will help you recognize how you can support your goals in life through the yoga practice, while developing awareness, fitness, flexibility and peace of mind.