Your Body is Nature: Yoga Anatomy Workshop Series

Your Body is Nature: Yoga Anatomy Workshop Series

May, 2014

YOUR BODY IS NATURE: Yoga Anatomy Workshops
This workshop series is an exploration of the form and movement of the body as our true nature within yoga poses and practices.

A little while ago, we wrote to you about how we believe yoga should be a pain free experience. I remember once in class I said that, and someone said “Well how do you know if you are in pain?” We all had a bit of a laugh, but i can be true. In yoga we are taught to challenge ourselves and our perceptions. So we don’t always know when we are in pain, or how to distinguish pain from challenge and intensity. Or we have excepted a certain painful state as normal.

One of the first times I worked with Kimba she asked this question (this is an exercise from the Franklin method): “On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being like root canal surgery and 10 being the most ecstatic, pleasurable experience you have ever had0, how would you rate your experience in a movement. Most of us, unfortunately rated our movements and poses about a 3, 4 or 5.

Should our yoga practice really be so … mediocre or even painful? And more importantly what can we do to change that?

Kimba teaches “Anatomy” on our Teacher Training, and we decided to open out her work to the larger community. She will be doing 5 workshops at Sadhaka in the coming months, which we hope will help you learn more about your body and how it moves, as well as help you get more enjoyment from your practice.

It is not about anatomy as such. It is about understanding your nature, and how the ancient yogis understood our nature, and moving and working in alignment with that nature.

Working with Kimba has been a profound gift for me in my teaching practice, my yoga practice and my life. Because what Kimba is doing is trying to discover the similarity between what the ancient yogis were describing in their practices and our physical form.

A kundalini teacher herself, as well as long term body worker and lover of movement, Kimba’s work will help you understand and connect to yoga’s bigger deeper spiritual themes through your physical body. Kimba’s work is influenced by Erik Franklin and Judith Aston, and her own profound and intuitive connection to the physical body. There are so many wow moments, discoveries and insights that arise from this work. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Breath of Life
Fri 30 May    From: 10:00  – 13:00

Life is breathing us…setting us in motion. How close can we get to the subtle movements of breath? And how does awareness of the motions of the breath transform our consciousness?

In this workshop we will explore the anatomy of breathing- the interrelationships of the diaphragm, ribs, lungs, spine, abdomen, pelvis and pelvic floor.

Discover what alignment patterns and postures allow the freedom of breath to flow and then rest in the rhythm of life’s gentle rocking.

We will play with and experience these discoveries in pranayama and meditations, and consider changing breath patterns in various yoga postures.

Moving with the Earth
Fri 30 May From: 14:00  – 17:00

Our body and the Earth’s body are one. Our movement and our form is shaped and created in relationship to the gravitational forces.

How may we harmonize with Mother Earth’s powers?

In this workshop we will embody the anatomy of our pelvis, hip joints, legs and feet. This opens up our root channels to receive the mother of all form, the Earth….moving with earth gives all of life its grace, strength and ease. As we find our physical alignment, we will experience what it feels like to walk and move easily and freely on the Earth.

We will explore the often ignored reality of our physical asymmetries and how these allow us a fullness of possibilities in our movements.

And we will apply this awareness to standing yoga postures and sequences that flow with breath.

Free the Shoulders, Free the Heart
Fri 20 June     From: 10:00  – 13:00

How does our heart reach upwards to the heavens? Through the channels of our our shoulders, neck and head which rest upon it.

In this workshop we will embody the anatomy and movements of the shoulders, clavicles and scapulae and touch upon movements through the neck and head.

Freedom in these movements allows a resting onto the ribcage and chest. This release and surrender creates a ‘lift’ and a lightness and fullness in the heart centre.

We will apply this embodiment to yoga postures of reaching, maintaining arms above the head, head and neck mobility and hands on the floor positions

Soften in to Compassion and Spinal Flow
Sat 21 June     From: 10:00  – 13:00

Spinal anatomy and movement is beautiful! Imagine the graceful coordination of a dolphin, whale or cobra. The human form has potential for equally exquisite movement.

This workshop is an exploration of our spinal anatomy and the freedoms that arise when we honour our form.

Spinal mobility and flexibility is all about self compassion…its going into the depth and core of you.

We will apply our awareness to yoga postures that include rotations, extensions, and forward and side-bending.